31 May 2008

Much Speculative Information Is Accepted As Fact

It is possible to find a supporting opinion for any contention one wishes to make regarding the demise of Eiriksfjord and Lysufjord, the two known medieval Norse settlements on Greenland.

However, it is important to realize while postulating that they disappeared completely. No European ever saw a Norse Greenlander again. According to the only credible record extant, a visitor from the Catholic Church, quoting Church records, stated that, "They joined the natives of Vinland in 1342." Helge Ingstad, The Viking Discovery of America, (Checkmark Books, 2001) 177-178.

Is that contention true? I have no idea and neither does anyone else.

Wherever they went they apparently took what supplies they needed with them, leaving a few head of their livestock grazing the pastures. There were no ships, tools, bodies- nothing remained. Gwyn Jones, The North Atlantic Saga, (Oxford University Press, 1986) 95-111.

The present day Inuit Greenlanders have been found to have Norse genetic markers. Someday perhaps, it will become necessary to begin DNA studies of Cree, Ojibwa, and Iroquois Indians for one reason or another. I believe further studies of these select North America Indian groups will finally provide an answer for all of us who still care about what happened to the medieval Norse Greenlanders. http://www.vinlandpublishing.com/

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