25 May 2008

Climate Change

The intent of the RTIR (Radio TV Interview Report) ad that I commissioned, was exposure for my Axe of Iron series of novels to media for the purpose of obtaining live radio/TV interviews. That has happened, however; not as I intended. The interest that has been generated has to do more with climate change and less with my novels, therefore I must set the record straight.

I am not an environmentalist. I am a writer of historical fiction novels that focus exclusively on the medieval Norse Greenlanders. They did have an issue with climate change and that is the only climate change in which I have an interest because it sealed their fate on Greenland. We now know the climatic periods in which they lived as the Medieval Warm Period (700-1200AD) and the Mini-Ice Age (1200-1800). The weather in the northern hemisphere during the Medieval Warm Period(Medieval Climate Optimum) made the Viking Age (793-1200) possible. The changing weather around the end of the period was a causal factor in the end of the Viking Age. The winter weather in the northern hemisphere during the Mini-Ice Age(Maunder Minimum) became positively savage, making shipborne travel in the North Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, and all of their environs, impossible in winter and dicey in summer. The savage winter weather in the 19th century was at least partially responsible for the failure of Napoleon's Russian campaign. All this information is historical fact--look it up, I did.

So, for those of you beating the drum of human-caused global climate change I hope this missive clarifies my position for you. We humans do not affect the global climate, or anything else on that scale. "What is man, that thou art mindful of him?" Psalm 8:4.
Climate is controlled by the sun, not Homo sapiens. Sun cycles occur approximately every eleven years. Weather is cyclical and always has been. During 2011-12, the earth will be bombarded by the most intense Solar Max--solar wind, plasma--perhaps in history. How will this affect the earth? Nobody knows for certain, but it won't be fun.

The two weather cycles I have noted each occupied approximately 500-year periods. Assuming this cyclical trend continues, the earth will be at the halfway point of this cycle in about 2130. Based on history this cycle will be warm and dry. Will the icecaps melt? Certainly, to some extent. They did during the last warm/dry period. Will the polar bears and walrus survive? Who knows? We humans can't help them in any case. They will survive, or not. That is the way of things.

Long before we humans arrived on the scene such cycles occurred; they will continue with or without us. So don't fall prey to self-serving politicians and scientists with an agenda. Use your head, the facts are available if you seek them out. The discipline is called solar physics in reference to the sun and climatology in reference to the earth. Check it out!

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