04 June 2008

Climate Change and Famine

How would you like to awaken to headlines screaming: Famine Widespread. Millions Dying of Starvation?

Brace yourselves!

There are six billion of us, give or take. The fastest growing populations have the least: they are deficit societies. People in Africa--all of the continent--the Indian sub-continent, much of continental Asia, Asia Minor, much of South and Central America, all of Mexico, every island in the Caribbean--well, you get the picture, surely.

Like rats or lemmings, "we the people," are positioning ourselves for disaster on a scale that defies comprehension. Can we feed the world, save the disenfranchised? NO! In the final analysis why would we? Our survival would be compromised.

The minions of human-caused-global-warming are nattering about flatulence in hogs, cattle, horses, people who eat too many beans, methane belches from swamps, glaciers breaking up and melting, polar bears, walrus habitat, and so on and so forth. They are focused on carbon footprints for all of the 6B Homo sapiens. I wonder, do they really believe that even a minuscule percentage of these masses even know about carbon footprint, or care for that matter? Of course they don't. Furthermore they will not have heard the term before they succumb to starvation.

Food, my friends, not gasoline, certainly not carbon footprints, will become the "buzz" for those Homo sapiens who have not become, dare I say, carbon footprints.

A large American conglomerate has been focusing on food production for some time now. I won't identify them, except to say that their acronym begins with the letter "A." Suffice to say that they have been quietly gobbling up productive farmland for many years. Why? Food, my friends. They want to control the availability of food. And, they will.

War, Pestilence, and Famine are the three natural population controls. All three will be visited on the world populations in the areas that I have mentioned as we proceed into the same global conditions that destroyed the two settlements of medieval Norse Greenlanders about whom I write.

The Grim Reaper cometh; he will claim millions.

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