29 July 2008

The Agenda Behind Human Caused Climate Change

Once the politicians grab hold of something it inevitably costs the taxpayers money and no meaningful solution to the problem, assuming a problem existed in the first place, is ever found. Why find a solution? That would close the tap on the flow of tax revenues. Look at all three branches of the United States government, they are in virtual gridlock. The country would be better served if all of them would just go home.

A case is point is the hype over human-caused global climate change. Politicians worldwide are jumping on the bandwagon. Cities are going green, the limp-wristed, mindless, minions of the largest hoax ever perpetrated on the human race are counting carbon footprints, and legions of self-serving entrepreneurs are climbing out from under their rocks on every hand to save the masses. FROM WHAT ARE THEY SAVING US?

Scientists are lining up with their hands out for the billions of tax dollars that will fund the research programs that will purport to find a solution to save the planet from human-induced mass suicide. You cannot blame the scientists for adopting a self-serving agenda. After all, what use would they be without research dollars to fund their efforts?

Let me couch that a different way: you are being fed a lie to further a political agenda and promote research to perhaps find a solution to a natural cycle over which we humans have no control whatsoever.

That's right, we didn't cause it and we certainly can't fix it anymore than the medieval Greenland Norse caused or fixed the last warm climate period over 1000-years ago. I write about what may have happened to them; they had to adapt to the changes or perish. And so will we.

Certainly we are in a climatic cycle. They have been going on for all of this planet's history. Someday, a cycle will destroy all life on this planet again, including we puny humans. Maybe this is the one, who can say? Nobody can, but they will try to convince you otherwise.

The Internet has a wealth of scientific data and other information on climate change. Educate yourself, don't believe the pundits of human-caused climate change, for they are lying to you.

To begin, you might check out this site: Global Warming, A Chilling Perspective.

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