15 August 2008

The Hype of Climate Change

The American Southwest, where I reside, has been in the throes of drought since about 1978. Certainly there have been years of normal - whatever that means - or greater moisture, but the trend is drought. The winter of 2007-2008 notwithstanding, we can expect the general climatic trend to continue.

The Northern Hemisphere of this planet is in a normal warming cycle. It began to manifest itself as the preceding cycle, the Mini-Ice Age (1300-1800), wound down about the mid-19th century. However, the coldest period of the Mini-Ice Age were the years 1560-1850. You sharp readers will have noted that the year 1560 happens to coincide with the mid-point of the 500-year cycle, the year that the most intense cold began. Nothing in global climate happens overnight. Each cycle is of about 500-years duration. With that assumption we can say that the midpoint of this warming cycle that we are enjoying will be about 2100. In other words, historically speaking, we can expect the climate to gradually trend toward warmer and dryer for the next 92-years. Then it might get worse, historically speaking that is.

At the same time, some areas of the planet will become cooler and wetter for that is how it all works. You know, the ocean currents and the sun. Why, they may play and even larger part than we do. Think of it. It is mind-numbing, huh?

Now, if the global climate change cycle - Global Warming - is our responsibility, you know carbon offsets, CO2, and whatnot, if we caused this calamity, how do you explain the Medieval Warm Period (800-1300)?

It was warmer in the Northern Hemisphere then than it is now. Perhaps the Vikings, the Greenland Norse people whom I write about caused it with their peat fires, flatulent livestock, and whatnot. Sounds ridiculous, huh? It is ridiculous. They had no more to do with their natural planetary climate cycle then, than we do with ours today.

Entrepreneurs and scientists are playing the well-meaning, misinformed, easily-manipulated, masses of earthlings like the proverbial banjo. Why, you might ask? Because the politics of human-caused global warming offer enormous profit potential.

You are being scammed folks. How does it feel?

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