04 September 2008

Is It Global Warming Or Global Cooling?

In case it has escaped your notice, the weather in the U.S. was cooler this spring than normal and this condition persisted longer. The southwest, where I reside, was so cool this spring that all farm crops and garden produce are 3-4 weeks late. So what you might say, that doesn't affect me. But, actually it does affect you, with higher food prices, less fresh food when it is normally available, not to mention the threat of food shortages for the shortened growing season. To put it simply, many crop species may not have sufficient time to reach maturity before the first freeze. Here in the Rocky Mountain West we can expect a killing frost sometime this month-September.

Shortages are like a snowball rolling down a hill, they are cumulative. Food shortages will translate to less food to send to feed the populations of all the undeveloped countries that we already support because they cannot feed themselves; we will keep what we have for ourselves; and nature will take its course with them-they will begin to starve.

Farmer's Almanac predicts a colder winter this year, 2008-2009, both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are 2° colder than normal, and there are no sunspots at all. All portents for a cold winter, a cool spring, a cooler than normal summer, well, you get the idea-cumulative.

Remember, all of this climate stuff has happened before. It has been happening for 18,000-years. Most recently the Mini-Ice Age and the Medieval Warm Period that allowed the Viking Age, a portion of which I write about, to occur.

For those of you with an interest in life on this planet, beyond Big Macs, football, days-off, and so forth, I recommend that you click the link that I have prepared for you. I think you will find the data therein to be electrifying: Global Warming

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