03 September 2009

Viking Ships & Boats

To those interested in Viking ships, especially recreations of actual Viking Age ships, I highly recommend visiting the Vikingeskibsmuseet on Roskilde Fjord, Roskilde, Denmark. I know of no other public place where an interested observer can watch the construction process of these magnificant vessels and actually take a ride on one in Roskilde Fjord. The craftsmen of the Museum Boatyard are superlative. At this writing, their latest task is the construction of a lapstrake smack called an eel drifter--it is beautiful.

I subscribe to the museum's newsletter and I recommend it as a way to keep abreast of all ship and boat building efforts at the museum's boatyard.

I have been to the museum on a research trip to Scandinavia to glean information for my Axe of Iron series of historical fiction books on the Greenland Viking assimilation with the pre-historical natives of North America.

The second book of the series, Axe of Iron: Confrontation will be released this year. Click on the book's title for a link to my website.

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