06 May 2010

A Candid Opinion of the Novel, Confrontation: Axe of Iron

An E-mail from Linda

Well Jerry...............I finally found 2 days that I could sit down and read your new book, Confrontation. I started yesterday and finished late this afternoon.

Wow.........another great job. You have left me hanging........I want to know what happened to Ivar and what's to become of Ingerd and Gudbj. I was so sorry for the young boy Yola and I was prepared to really like Gudrod but you killed him off. Again your descriptions and detail are outstanding. I was making pictures in my head all the time. Where in the world did you learn all that stuff? It seems all so real and I am sure it is as accurate as can be. We have certainly come a long way from the blood and guts of right and wrong of long ago......now we just have blood and guts with our drug issues and other bad guys.

I am really getting into your story now. I still am having a hard time with your names but I figure I will get better with each book. I have only read one other set of historical novels and that was the Earth Children Series. I did that some time ago and really enjoyed them, however, now I think your books are better and much more descriptive. I find it very interesting that all those different tribes ended up being the more modern Indians of long ago of the Northeast.

Oh, by the way...........your goofy hat on top of your head in the picture in the back of the book looks good........................Linda

P.S. If you kill off Halfdan, I will be very sad!!!!

My Response

Hi Linda,

It is very gratifying when someone tells me they have enjoyed my writing, especially when they are a special person to me, like you. Fortunately, the subject matter of my books, making weapons, butchering game, blacksmithing, etc., have been a part of my life, so I can write about them with a certain authority because I have done them. The people of my tale are a part of my soul: I feel them, see them, smell them, and hear their voices. I write their story, from their perspective. If I am able to make you, the reader, see what I see, then I am successful. Thank you for telling me, it means a lot.

The names have all been researched, and they are genuine. Everybody has trouble with pronunciation. As I mention in the Forward, do the best you can, pronounce their names as you wish, just so you are able to keep the characters in their place.

You will enjoy Assimilation, but I cannot divulge any of my secrets--suffice to say, the book will engage those who are into my tale. :-) Ah, Halfdan, now he is an engaging character. His loss would certainly be momentous. He and Gudbjartur, and their devotion to one another, are the stuff of legends. Their importance to the story is a crucial aspect of the overall plot. Golly maybe I should kill both of them! :-)

That picture of me in the "goofy hat" was taken aboard ship last December. People seem to like it and the big smile is genuine.

Thanks again, Linda. Tell your friends about the Axe of Iron series. I am going to post your letter and my answer on my Blog. Take a look later this afternoon.

My best to both of you.


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