09 July 2010

A Heartfelt review of the Axe of Iron series

Occasionally a truly heartfelt review comes along that consists of the actual opinion of a non-professional reviewer who has enjoyed reading a book. Mr. Walter Sopher's letter regarding the two published books of the Axe of Iron series is such a review--it is presented as written.
I appreciate Mr. Sopher's candor and enthusiasm for my book series about the Greenland Vikings adventures in North America.

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Regarding the two Axe of Iron novels The Settlers and Confrontation by J.A. Hunsinger:

To me being a Canadian of Icelandic descent, as my great grand parents coming to Canada in 1883 from Iceland I have heard and read many books on the Icelanders, Vikings and the Icelanders that settled in Greenland not their choice but by the spirits of the world, when they were banished from Iceland for 3 years. And as the many Sagas tell us they did knot know where they were of to, but Eric did return to Iceland after his 3 years in exile and convinced many more Icelanders to follow him to Greenland.

Jerry has done a very good description of the Vikings, their mode of travel, food, navigation and made both the Novels very good and hard to stop reading always wondering what is next, all so real as his story could not be any better told and I do not speak as an expert but of a man that has lived most of his life working and living among the First Nations and Inuit people, from growing up in Riverton(NEW ICELAND) where most of the Icelandic Settlers lived and fished on Lake Winnipeg with the First Nations people, and the last 25 years in Canada’s North into the Beaufort Sea to the North and the Barrens land to the East

Jerry has told the story very easy to read and understand and he no doubt did his home work well and keeps the reader excited and wondering what is next

There are so many similar events in Egils Saga, Njalls Saga and other Sagas which I have several on hand but none as descripted (sic) as The Settlers or Confrontation books by Jerry Hunsinger, we could go on and on but I do know any one who starts to read this will keep on and say maybe our life today is pretty good not like the so called bad Vikings had to live and survive, and by time the first Vikings landed in Iceland around year 870 the plundering Vikings were only interested in peace and quiet, farming and fishing which is still done today

To sum it up Jerry has done a very good job of telling it like it is and I will be anxious to see the next new issue and suggest any people that able read this as it is very exciting and as one fellow said it would be a box office sell out as a movie.

We look forward to more of this interesting story soon and thank you for not letting the Viking story die.

Best Regards,

Walter Sopher


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