31 December 2010

Global Warming Is Not Science

Global warming is not science, as stated by Richard Johnson in his letter in Friday’s Grand Junction Sentinel. Climatology, Meteorology, Astronomy, Physics, etc. are some of the sciences associated with climate. Global warming is a theory, a hypothesis of anthropogenic involvement in the climate of this planet and as such it is unproven.

Mr. Johnson might want to check the facts of the matter before making public statements: e.g. “teach what 97% of climate scientists, that average global temperature are rising at unnatural rates, drastically and dangerously changing weather patterns worldwide,” etc. These are apparently Mr. Johnson’s contentions because they have no basis in fact.

The average temperature of the Earth has increased by less than <1°C in the last century. The synergy between the sun and the oceans control the weather on this planet, not Homo sapiens.

Entrepreneurs and scientists are playing the well-meaning, misinformed, easily manipulated, masses of earthlings like the proverbial banjo. Why, you might ask? Because the politics of human-caused global warming offer enormous profit potential. Scientists are lining up with their hands out for the billions of tax dollars that will fund the research programs that will purport to find a solution to save the planet from human-induced mass suicide. You cannot blame the scientists for adopting a self-serving agenda. After all, what use would they be without research dollars to fund their efforts? Let me couch that a different way: we are being fed a lie to further a political agenda and promote research to perhaps find a solution to a natural cycle over which we humans have no control whatsoever.

No, the theory of global warming should not be taught to impressionable children as anything but the political attempt to propagandize the masses, for that is what it is.

J. A. Hunsinger, Vinland Publishing, http://www.vinlandpublishing.com/
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