28 July 2011

Man Receives 100,000 Euros for Treasure Trove

Viking artifacts continue to surface in Estonia. This coin trove, first reported in January 2011, is the most monetarily valuable so far.


ERR News
Published: 28.01.2011 10:34

                                         Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

A man who found a large hoard of Viking-era silver in Harju County last summer has received 100,000 euros from the state as a finder's reward.

The treasure was dated to around 1060 and consisted of 1,329 coins and nine pieces of silver appraised at about 200,000 euros, Eesti Ekspress reported.

The finder had been conducting investigations in the field with the consent of the land owner. Other items included an axe, also from before the 13th century, and several daggers and several hundred other silver coins.

Most of the coins were forged in areas controlled by Germany, but there were also coins from Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Arabia and Hungary; and one Italian and two Bohemian coins.

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