12 September 2014

Danish Viking Ship Museum's Sea Stallion of Glendalough

I was unable to find any recent posts, for 2014, on this beautiful 98' Viking ship reconstruction; perhaps you will have better luck should you undertake the quest.
I have other past posts - here's one - on this vessel if you'd care to check over the blog list. For those of us interested in all things having to do with the medieval Vikings, in my case the Greenland Vikings specifically, the quest continues for new or updated material. As you know, field work can only occur during the summer when digging on an archaeological site in the north lands of the Viking is possible.
The link that follows this message will take you to the Viking Ship Museum's site - a video - on Sea Stallion and the many other ships and boats that their boatyard has constructed. You may find the process of construction very interesting as no modern tools tools were used to build Sea Stallion and the old methods were used throughout.
Another issue worthy of note: the museum states that they hope their work with these magnificent ships can continue. As you might imagine, keeping the crews interest up in the yearly sailing excursions to show the flag and the ships is very expensive. Without donations this work will not continue. (Ed.)



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