05 September 2014

The Viking Ship, Draken Harald Hårfagre

I will take it that you are interested in Vikings or you would not be here. Over the next two posts I will feature two fabulous contemporary Viking ships, one built in Norway and the other built in Denmark.
This post features the Norwegian ship, Draken Harald Hårfagre (Dragon Harald Fairhair), named for Norway’s first King, Harald Fairhair. At 115’ and some 70-tons of beautifully fashioned oak, she is the largest dragon ship built to date. Some have stated that she is capable of 21-knots; an excellent turn of speed. But regardless, she is a magnificent sight under sail. You also won't want to miss the Photo Collage if you've come this far. The photos and the YouTube video following this paragraph will give you an appreciation for the scale of the project and the consummate skill of the ship builders.
In the next blog I’ll feature the Danish ship, Sea Stallion, a modern reconstruction of an actual 98’ Viking long ship constructed in Ireland in the 11th-century. (Ed.)

The lower hull takes shape

Lower hull planking

Draken under sail

Draken - 50 oars pulled by 100-men 

Man - collage of photos of the island

My friend Steve Callus, a resident of the Isle of Man, took the next five photos of the Draken in Peel Harbor, Man, during the ship’s recent visit to that beautiful island in the Irish Sea.

Forward of the mast

Looks like a halyard winch

Aft of amidships


Draken figurehead atop the stem

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