24 July 2016

Work with Red-Hot Iron the Viking Way

This from the Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde, Denmark. I have been there, and each summer they have interesting demonstrations for their many visitors.

If you are close enough to Roskilde to pop in during the final week of July or in mid-August, do so, you will not be sorry.

Next week I'll give you a look at what the museum has lined up for August. (Ed.)


Work with Red-Hot Iron the Viking Way

In week 30 you have the opportunity to try your hand at the ancient art of blacksmithing.

In week 30 we'll be making iron rivets from bog ore. This will be a unique archaeological experiment, where visitors can follow the smelting of the bog ore, the forging of the rivets and the use of the rivets in the boat. Museum guests can also try their own hand at making an iron nail. Our skilled blacksmiths will both demonstrate and explain the noble art of blacksmithing- so come and join in!

By: Sabine Stubbe Ƙstergaard
19/07 - 2016

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