29 May 2009

Book Review - Axe of Iron: The Settlers

See the latest review of the epic historical fiction novel, Axe of Iron: The Settlers.

Check out the website for the latest information on the second novel in the Axe of Iron series, Axe of Iron: Confrontation, to be published this summer.

21 May 2009

Book #2--Axe of Iron Series

The second book of the historical fiction epic, Axe of Iron: Confrontation, about the medieval Greenland Vikings assimilation with the pre-historical natives of North America is about ready for composition/format and the book production process at BookMasters, Inc.

An excerpt of this novel is posted on the website.

20 May 2009

A Feeling of Duty

It has been said that, "Some books leave us free and some books make us free." Ralph Waldo Emerson.

My writing feels like that to me. At the moment I do not have the will to persist. The Axe of Iron series suffers as a consequence. Perhaps I will pick it up later. I hope so.

12 May 2009

Axe of Iron: of Times Medieval

A day of composition is at hand: I will abide in times medieval with the characters of my Axe of Iron series of historical fiction novels about the Greenland Vikings and their assimilation with the pre-historical natives of Canada and northern portions of the USA.

06 May 2009

Axe of Iron Website Updated

The Axe of Iron website has been updated with the latest book reviews, articles by author J. A. Hunsinger, and links of interest for everyone who likes to read about the medieval Viking culture.

The website details the premise behind the Axe of Iron series of historical fiction books: six ships loaded with medieval Greenland Viking settlers flee Greenland because of an unsustainable pastoral lifestyle and the hardships brought about by the onslaught of the Mini-Ice Age.

Medieval climate change caused the migration of native peoples on a massive scale throughout Canada and the northern United States, following the herds of wild animals on which their survival depended as the herds moved ever southward away from the savage winters.

05 May 2009

Greenland Vikings - Axe of Iron: Confrontation

Composition is the watchword today. I must wrap up the second novel in the Axe of Iron series, Axe of Iron: Confrontation for publication.

If you have an interest in this epic series about medieval Greenland Vikings settling among the pre-historical natives of Canada and the north central USA, click on one of the links to read an excerpt from the book. The cover image is displayed in the sidebar.

01 May 2009

Axe of Iron

After participating in a two month Internet Virtual Book Tour blitz with Dorothy Thompson's PumpUpYourBook promotions, I feel somewhat depleted. I can only imagine how Dorothy must feel doing it full time.

So, I must get back to writing in earnest. Out of necessity, I had to let my novel composition play a distant second-fiddle to the task at hand, promotions through frequent visits to the websites on which I was featured for that day.

If your curiosity as to what I am working on has taken possession of you, drop into my website and take a look. You can read an excerpt from Axe of Iron: Confrontation, the next book of my Axe of Iron series and take a look at the cover art.