20 August 2009

Balancing Novel Writing and Promoting

Writing and promotion of a writer's work are each full-time jobs, especially when you are a one-man-show. I have been promoting the first novel, Axe of Iron: The Settlers, so the second novel, Axe of Iron: Confrontation has suffered as a consequence.

The cast of characters in my historical fiction series, Axe of Iron, alluded me, lurking indistinct in the shadows, almost pouting because of my absence, until I brought them forward again from where I had left them four months ago.

It is difficult to get back into the story after such a period of time away. A writer must re-read what has been written--fourteen chapters in my case--and try to reengage. I have done that, finally, and the manuscript for the second book of my series, Axe of Iron: Confrontation will be edited again and released this Fall as planned.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of my series about the disappearance of the Greenland Vikings, visit my website for details.

13 August 2009

Strategic Implications of Climate Change

Last year I wrote several articles for this blog that deal with the human-caused climate change hype. One particular article gets right to the heart of the issue: Global Oceanic Currents and Climate Change, 10 June 2008 article/.

Sunday, August 9, 2009, a New York Times article was run in The Daily Sentinel that spoke to the same issue only this time the study came from no less than the U. S. Pentagon. It seems that the Pentagon is of the opinion that the famine, mass migration, and war that will result from climate change is of strategic interest to the United States and constitutes a security threat.

My 10 June 2008 article already covers that assumption. Check it out.

03 August 2009

A Week of Composition

This week will be spent exclusively on composition, in the hopes that the second novel of the Axe of Iron series, Confrontation, can be completed for the publication process. I will not return to this blog until this time next week, or so.